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Providing a safe supported environment for people and families living with ADHD by way of physical and online support groups, programs, advocacy, coaching and more.

Would you like to receive great support, straight to your email, as well as invaluable resources to support you through parenting a child with ADHD. Join our great support network.



To provide an innovative

support network for families

affected by ADHD


Provide a supportive, positive and safe place for people and families living with ADHD

To provide a place for information between people and specialists

To provide a network of easy to find specialists who understand ADHD

To educate society on ADHD to provide a more understanding environment to all affected by ADHD 


Support and provide understanding for every family’s personal journey

Support everyone affected by ADHD

Encourage society acceptance of ADHD

Assistance with routines and organisation

Children with ADHD can struggle with changes to routine and need to know what to expect. We can help develop strategies to help assistance with routines and organisation.

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Online courses and webinars.

Support doesn't stop at regular support group meetings. We offer a large range of online courses and Webinars to get you through the tough times & celebrate the good ones.

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Speaking & Coaching

Paula offers her knowledge and experience at speaking & coaching events. She is comfortable in front of a small group or a crowd. If you would like to know more about what Paula can offer you.

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Support Groups

Sometimes, you just need to speak to someone that know exactly what you are going through. We offer an extremely supportive online group & organise regular meetups. See Our Support Groups Page for the next Meet Up.

Support Groups

Ongoing support

We understand the having a child or even an adult with ADHD or ADD, may have numerous needs and these can be ongoing for many, many years. Beyond the Maze continues to support you and your family through ongoing support via all our networks.

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About Us

Hi, Welcome to my website. I am Paula Burgess, the founder of Beyond the Maze. Beyond the Maze was born when I was having a particularly hard few weeks with my son while running a business. I have friends that I can call on when I find things are tough and some of those are friends are in business but none of them have a business and an ADHD child. I felt so alone!

Meet The Team

Paula Burgess

Founder My goal is to offer a supportive environment for other parents with ADHD children who are finding challenges with their children but also to encourage you to find the good side of ADHD.

Veronica (Roni) Cerreto

Trainee Admin Assistant Roni joined the Beyond the Maze team in 2016 and is our wonderful trainee admin assistant. Roni is here to help us book appointments, send out books, assist with workshops and meeting set ups.

River 'Therapy Dog'

Therapy Dog River is the resident Therapy Dog (in Training), he is for Paula's son but keeps the office company while he is at school. River can be seen quite often bringing the staff a frisbee or ball to throw for him.

Latest News

We understand the rewards and challenges of having a special needs child as well as having a life and/or running a business. We share plenty of tips and how to get through a difficult day in our blog.

For Parent and Carers, Medication and Treatment

5 Ways Diet can help ADHD

Posted By Paula Burgess

If you are a parent of a child living with ADHD, you won’t be a stranger to the comment “Have you tried the diet?”  Like diet is the answer to curing ADHD.   Wow, if only it was THAT simple.
Although diet won’t ‘cure’ ADHD it

For Parent and Carers, Support & Connection

Why I say living with ADHD

Posted By Paula Burgess

For those that know me and have spoken with me before, you may have heard me say that my child ‘lives with ADHD’ not ‘has ADHD’.
For those that haven’t spoken with me or heard me say that – you will.
I wanted to give

For Parent and Carers, Medication and Treatment

Do you have a Tigger? Strategies for a Revved up Engine

Posted By Paula Burgess

We all know that moment when our kids have reached that ‘high’ point and we are almost there with them, pulling our hair out.
We affectionately relate that behaviour to having a Tigger in the house.  For those that need reminding Tigger is the bouncy

Research & Current Trends, School & Community

Over-diagnosis of ADHD and my response

Posted By Paula Burgess

The latest hype amongst ADHD is the recently publicised article around children starting school too early which leads to misdiagnoses of ADHD.
As a parent of a child living with ADHD who has now become a coach and advocate for this condition, I would argue

For Parent and Carers, School & Community

Back to school with ADHD

Posted By Paula Burgess

With most of the kids heading back to school in the next week or two,  a lot of parents will be swinging from the rooftops with excitement, others will be sad, but if you like most parents of children living with ADHD I am sure

For Parent and Carers

You don’t have to do this alone

Posted By Paula Burgess

As a parent of a child with ADHD, you may often feel that you are on your own and constantly doing it by yourself.
Your child has had yet another outburst or meltdown or they haven’t been invited to yet another school party and you

Would you like to receive great support, straight to your email, as well as invaluable resources to support you through parenting a child with ADHD. Join our great support network.


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