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ADD vs ADHD – the difference

Posted By Paula Burgess

Attention Deficit Disorder, known as ADD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder known as ADHD, you may refer to this disorder as either of these acronyms but what is the difference?
Actually, nothing!   Well, sort of.
Hang on, you may ask, but my child isn’t hyperactive!
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Why You SHOULD have an Integrative Doctor for ADHD

Posted By Paula Burgess

It was at a lunch meeting when I first learned about integrative doctors.   I was sitting across the table from Jenny, a naturopath who will be speaking at the ADHD Beyond ALL Limits conference and she asked if I was aware of integrative doctors, I

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Beyond ALL Limits ADHD Conference

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Have You Been Affected by ADHD/ASD?

Posted By Paula Burgess

Don’t miss the ADHD –  Beyond ALL limits conference
Sitting in my office working on a job, I get yet another call from school saying I need to pick up my son as he wasn’t coping again.  In fact, given his teacher was away sick

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What to expect from the ADHD Conference

Posted By Paula Burgess

The Beyond the Maze, Beyond ALL Limits conference is a conference like no other.
Do you want to have some fun?  We will have it!
Do you want access to professionals working with ADHD in one spot?  This is the place to be!
Do you

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