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Course – ADHD, What now?

Beyond The Maze Course – ADHD, What now?

Course – ADHD, What now?

Posted By Paula Burgess

Has Your Child Received a Recent ADHD Diagnosis? 

Are you Unsure what to do Next?  

Well, Great News!  

You Have Found Something That Will Help.

What now?


An online 3 – week program.

  • Videos emailed to you each week

  • Permanent access to this program, it will never end

  • You can learn at your own pace

  • You can get access to a community of other parents where you will learn from them.

How Week 1 will help you:

– Understand ADHD further

– Tips on the morning routine

– See ADHD in a different light

What Week 2 will give you:

– Learn what specialists are available

– What programs are available

– What support you will assist you

What Week 3 will give you:

– Making a medication decision

– How to decide what is the right thing for you

– How diet may assist

What You Will Walk Away With

A Better understanding of ADHD

How to view ADHD differently

What specials and treatments are available

Why support is important

How diet may help

and much more…

I want to do all I can to help my child

Don’t Delay and Join us now.

  • You will also join our Facebook group for additional support
  • You have permanent access to the course so you can access and refer back to it at any time.

All for just $97

  • Price: $ 97.00
Would you like to receive great support, straight to your email, as well as invaluable resources to support you through parenting a child with ADHD. Join our great support network.


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